• The District 14 Reformation

    Reformation Process

    What exactly the reformation is and how will it happen? Read below to understand.


You may have wondered just what that means. It is the official term that Toastmasters International uses when one district multiplies into two districts. As one of the five largest districts in the world, both in terms of number of clubs as well as number of members, District 14 has begun the reformation process.

At the Spring 2011 District Conference, the District Council voted to request the Toastmasters International Board of Directors to approve the reformation plan for District 14. When the Board of Directors met in August 2011, they reviewed the request and approved it, launching a process that will culminate on July 1, 2013 with two districts being created within the state boundaries of Georgia. The two new districts will both still be larger than the average district in the world.

Many Toastmasters invested their time and energy proposing, reviewing, editing and finalizing the initial reformation proposal. The final approved plan is that clubs that are located east and south of Interstate Highway 85 will comprise one district (“East”) and clubs that are located west and north of I-85 will comprise the other district (“West”). In the Spring 2011 District Council meeting, the Council also approved a club realignment plan that aligned 6 divisions in the East and 6 divisions in the West. While the number of divisions in either the East or West may change, it will facilitate the transition to two new districts since no division now crosses the I-85 boundary.
According to procedures from Toastmasters International, the next steps in the ongoing reformation/multiplication process are as follows:


As always, transition year or not, the Council will approve a realignment plan to properly align clubs within the correct geographic areas and divisions and to increase or reduce the numbers of areas and/or divisions to properly balance them for size and proximity.

The District Council will elect the following officers for 2012-2013:

District Governor
Lt. Governor Education & Training from the East
Lt. Governor Education & Training from the West
Lt. Governor Marketing from the East
Lt. Governor Marketing from the West

Division Governor for each Division per the realignment plan mentioned above

In addition, the District Council will be presented with a resolution to request that the Board of Directors assign district numbers to the two new districts effective July 1, 2013. One of the Districts will be assigned as “14″ and the other will be assigned a new number. The request to the Board of Directors can specify the Council’s preference for which number is assigned to the East and West, respectively, but this request is non-binding on the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors will consider the District’s request for assigning district numbers for the two new districts during their February 2013 meeting. While it is typical for the Board to approve a district’s numbering request, their decision is final, either way.